Team and Mission

Biga Hydrogen is contributing to the Net-Zero energy transition by promoting and investing in green hydrogen projects and technology in Europe and beyond. We have a renewable energy and natural gas background and are confident that electrification combined with the mass scale production of green hydrogen is the key to a healthy decarbonized economy. Our head office is in Eschborn near Frankfurt in Germany and we have a subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey.

Why Biga?

The energy transition is an enormous task. Future generations depend on our success. We need to think and act "biga"! The company name Biga is also inspired by the Biga Peninsula which is the setting of the Iliad and the Odyssey epics. Biga region is abundant in renewable energy resources and is already the location of the first hydrogen valley established in Turkey.

Substitute and Overtake

99% of the 100 megatons of hydrogen that the world uses is derived from fossil fuels. This needs to change as soon as possible, and legislation is progressing rapidly to drive countries around the world in this direction. In addition to replacing the already established fossil fuel derived hydrogen market with green hydrogen, we believe that it will become THE energy vector, the missing partner of electrification. Decarbonization via electrification PLUS hydrogenization so to speak. In a systems engineering approach, the entire energy system, including electricity, heat, transportation, along with the transmission, distribution and storage of energy, green hydrogen becomes the catalyst to realize a fully renewable, robust, independent and secure energy future.

Starting Point

Biga is establishing a production side for the assembly of electrolysers and industrial heat pumps in Manisa, Turkey. These products are crucial for a successful green energy transition. The demand for these products will outnumber the availability for many years to come. Further Biga is supporting the development of a green hydrogen plant on the Biga peninsula. Here is the perfect mixture of wind and sun abundant like nowhere else in Turkey.


Green Hydrogen

What is green hydrogen?

How is hydrogen transported?

What is the market value of the current global hydrogen business?

How much investment is needed to reach the Net Zero 2050 targets of the IEA?

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